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For over two-decades, Baade (Bay-dee) II has crafted a small, but very exclusive collection of handmade personal jewelry. No different today than when they started In 1988, Baade II remains a family-owned artisan hand-maker. Their philosophy is that size does matter. The smaller Is better.

Feature near-vanished, artisan techniques of true, Vitreous hand-enameled cloisonne and champleve designs. In addition, their designs include onyx, mother-of-pearl, semi-precious and precious stones, all paired to sterling silver, 18k yellow and white gold, even platinum. Double-panel, or double-sided, cufflinks create the Baade II signature. Their wide ranging  collection continues to celebrate the eariy-1900s. An era of daringly dramatic designs.  A time when the world's finest cufflinks and personal Jewelry ware all painstakingly hand-crafted by Old World artisans, just as they are today.

Pantherella has made high-quality men’s socks in England since 1937, distinguished by almost invisibly smooth, hand-linked toe seams for superb comfort. The best materials are used, from Sea Island cotton to Australian merino wool, and a range of bold colours is available.


  • Specialist in men’s socks since 1937

  • Hand-linked toe seams for utmost comfort

  • Available in a range of vibrant hues




Buddha to Buddha Bracelets

Buddha to Buddha has become renowned for its bold unisex 925 sterling silver bracelets.

  • Their jewels are made by hand; every piece is unique; each piece has a soul.

  • These outstanding silver masterpieces are all designed in Amsterdam by a skillful and creative team. The people who create them are amongst the finest traditional craftsmen in the world. 

  • The timelessness of the designs and the nature of the material alongside the high quality of the make, all ensure Buddha to Buddha jewellery is treasured for life. 

​Atlanta's W. Kleinberg crafts superlative belts. Each strap is made in Georgia and cut to size, so it should fit as well (or better) than any belt you already own. All buckles are interchangeable, too, so you can pick your buckle/strap combination to complement the day's clothing. W. Kleinberg excels in accommodating custom orders, so please feel free to contact us with any special requests.

Power Collar Stays

  • High powered mini magnets keep Wurkin Stiff Collar Stays in perfect place!

  • Wherever you place your collar is where your collar will stay!

  • Metal Collar Stays are washable and corrosion resistant! (Remove magnets before washing.)

  • Wurkin Stiffs Collar Stays contain 3 sets of stays that each measure 2.5" long.

  • You'll never go back cheap plastic collar stays again! Makes a great gift!

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