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The Robert Talbott collection exhibits an impeccable appreciation of craft and quality. The Talbott name stands proud as an American icon for luxury neckwear.   A Robert Talbott tie truly proves itself as one of the best made ties in the world. The color and design are exceptional. The lively colors and formal patterns create a rich balance unlike any other.  Stop in and view our assortment of Robert Talbott neckwear. You can buy a more expensive tie, but you won’t find one of better quality than this.

Carrot & Gibbs was founded in Boulder, Colorado. You will never see a Carrot & Gibbs tie that has been fashioned out of stacked fabric and cut en masse. Carrot & Gibbs bow ties are created from specially selected imported 100% silk fabrics, predominately woven and printed. Each tie is individually cut, sewn and pressed by hand here in the United States.  The same attention to detail can be found in Carrot & Gibbs hand-rolled pocket squares, cummerbund sets, and waistcoats. Even the Carrot & Gibbs pre-tied bow, a style shunned by bow tie purists, is a fine bow tie, tied to perfection, then tacked with but a single thread. The company likes to call it a bow tie with training wheels waiting for the wearer to one day cut the thread and set himself free.


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A superbly handcrafted, bench made necktie is a noted artistic expression of personal style, part of our aesthetic balance, our personal story of respect, honor, and effort. Robert Jensen neckwear is imagined and designed on California's Central Coast and realized by talented traditional artisans in Como, Italy, with passion, respect, and trust.

Taming the BOW 


The bowtie is indeed a bumptious article of clothing, with a distinctly independent streak, not unlike its owner. Your bow tie will assume any form you want, from the conservative pout to the boastful swagger. Despite any unfounded rumors you may have heard, tying a bow is as easy as tying your shoe.



1 - Slide the unformed tie under your collar. Extend the end on the right 1" further than the end on the left.


2 - Cross the long end over the short end. Then pass it back and up through the loop at your neck, making a loose, overhand knot. Gently tighten the knot so it fits snugly around your neck.


3 - Fold the lower hanging end up and to the left, as shown. Make sure the unfolded end is hanging down over the front of the bow.


4 - Pull the bow ends forward and gently squeeze them together, forming an opening behind them. Now, turn to the right and notice the opening you've created.


5 - With your left thumb or forefinger push the wide, middle part of the tie and your finger up through the opening from left to right, taking care not to let the end of the tie pass all the way through the opening. Use your right hand to help pull the back loop through.


6 - Your bow tie will be uneven at this point. Although a few bow tie enthusiasts purport a preference for this look, we suggest that some tightening is on order. This is where you fashion your own unique style. With a large knot or a small one. With dimpled bows or smooth...


7 - Gently maneuvering, pull the loops and watch the knot grow smaller. Then, pull both flat ends and loops, lightly tugging up and down to straighten. This tightens the knot...smoothes out the bow...and voila! You bow is tied. With a bit of practice, you'll give your bow the dash, the flair, the "je ne sais quois" that is yours and yours alone.  And always remember, if at first you don't succeed,  tie again...


8 - Did you get it done? If not, return to STEP 1….



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